(Bombs, guns, and other interestingly unpleasent things...)

     If there's one things that's been a constant for pretty much all my life, it's been an interest in militaria. I've been collecting firearms and military gear since before I was a teenager. Back then, in rural Canada, the laws and attitudes were a lot more relaxed, and a few decades less had passed since the end of WWII. Army-issue "stuff" could be had at flea-markets, junk shops and yard-sales for prices that even a kid on an allowance could readily afford. Army-surplus rifles and pistols could be had for under $100 (Canadian!), and without permits of any kind. Older folks, once they knew you were interested in that sort of thing, would sometimes trade items for a few hours of yardwork. I amassed quite a collection at one time, some thirty rifles, over a dozen shot-guns, about a dozen pistols, and a whole room full of old helmets, belts, holsters and other curios, then let it go as I went through college and many moves there-after. Having finally settled down, I've begun collecting again, though a little more selectively now, and with an eye towards quality over quantity. My current passions are WWII rifles, exotic and unusual small-arms, pre-1900 pocket pistols, and grenades. Of course you can add just about anything that catches my fancy to that list, and I usually have a variety of odd items tucked away somewhere.

Grenades: For a number of reasons, this is my main hobbby, currently. I'm really a neophyte at this particular field of collecting, but I'm learning fast...

Sob Stories
     No collector's life would be complete without a sob-story or two; the item you never should have sold/traded, the deal you should have grabbed, but were too broke. Here are a few of mine, about those "ones that got away".

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