(New news! With the recent resurgence in interest in the work of Tezuka Osama, Pioneer has re-released "Bagi" on DVD! Completely remastered video and sound. The bad news is that so far, it's only been released in Japanese. No dubbing or subtitles. I purchased a copy, with shipping, for about $50 US)
After numerous requests for information on where to get copies of the DVD, I have done a bit of research and found out that it's stupidly hard to find if you browser-search for anything sensible sounding. So here's the scoop: search for "PIBA-3107". It's some sort of product code, but as of this writing (08/05/04) it got 65 hits on Google, most of which I confirmed to be vendors selling the DVD..

If you're wondering how the story of a genetically enhanced pink (yes, pink!) American Mountain-lion and her human companion can have such a lasting effect on a young male artist, I suggest you have a look at the images below. Not only was the story well written, but the character and design was wonderfully imbued with all of the femaleness and feline sexiness that cats carry.

For anyone who's interested, I aquired a copy of the dialogue script from Bagi. It's a little confusing in places, and suffers from being a direct translation (Japanese structure and idiom don't correspond directly to English). However, it's at least a decent guide to the dialogue, should you find yourself a copy of the movie in Japanese.Bagi Script