There are times when I just love the ability to post my art to the net, and share it with folks, so that I can get comments and compliments and good constructive criticism. And then there are times when the net gives me urges to become a Luddite. Yet other times it presents me with situation where I'd like to find individuals and "explain" things to them with a 2x4, for the good of humanity and my own peace of mind. This is one of those latter instances. I recently got a message from an associate that they'd seen some of my art, colourized, and what's worse poorly so, on Usenet. Now it's not like I'm surprised by this. It happens with tiring regularity, despite polite requests, gentle hints, warnings, threats, and other indicators of the displeasure of the artist who's work has been "borrowed". Supposedly well-meaning individuals muck-about with your art and re-post it to the net "as a favour", regardless wether or not you want them to, and often seemingly in spite of the fact you don't. Below is a simply smashing example example of exactly what I'm talking about. I apologize for the non-existent spelling and grammar, but this is pulled, verbatim, from the posting to the net. It's a follow-up to a series of earlier postings, where this fellows "art" (the coloured versions of images he'd pulled down off the net) had been posted by another person, and that person got reamed for posting modified images without previous permission.


hi,first your haf rite on the i dont have the ok stof but onley haf.wooke has seen my color worke and nover sad too mouch other than lout's of people color in heas stof.k9's stof i dont even hear from heam i colored in a comic strip he sad the color was ok nover sad dont do it agan or aney thing thow i nover heard from heam agan.i dont have Doug Winger's Email to ask heam. some of the stof iam ask by the aret's to color. moust i get from the news group's so posting tham shod not be a big deal.about haf the stof i color crater dos not cear.i ask bockey boy wolf kid nd 2 or 3 other's and nover gat a ancer i sent tham some of thar stof colored in and nover heard back. most of the disney furey stof ive doun i did for some one how sent me the stof. about 25 persent i dont have the ok cos thar is no one to ask and the other 25 Doug Winger dont ancer my Email.some of thies pix's are no longer on line and have bin lost to the worled. ide have to see all-4-1.gif to ramber wear i gat it i get the Doug Winger stof wean ho post's in in the group or if some one send'sit to me.and bait.gif i gat in some index a mounth back.if aney of thies aret's wood like to spack to me thew Email thay are wolkm to do so.sorey i for some rizzen Crazy Cat's posting of my worke pises some of you off but i dont have the gear or know how to post. iam not going to stop coloring jest to make some one happy. iam not the best at wate i do but ive colored in or backgronded over 1000+ pix's.iam geting bater over time and i do have grat respct for thous how worke it worke on. i cant drow. ifyou take nout of some of the worke i have doun i have taken some ruf coutt's and finched tham in order to color tham too.souch is the case of some of Doug Winger and wolf kid pix's ive doun.some of the worke by Doug Winger is not doun with the pimrchen of sat disney or WB or fox no is it?i dont have a wabe page or a big computer. my worke is all i ahve to lieve be hind wean i go so if some one want's to post it or pout it on awabe page good for tham.i cod get kiled to mereo and most of my worke wood have nover bean sen by more than 6 or 7 people so aney time it can get out thar iam going to go for it.hope i did not stap on you or aney one als. HAVE A NICE DAY:) FROM SPDERMAN jr.

And just in case anyone thinks that anything short of killing will actually get through to these sorts of sub-moronic troglodytes , check out this next little bit of joy. It's a response to a post on one of the furry art newgroups that I posted to gently chastize someone for posting art without the artist's permission;

Further essays in futility...