copyright Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd, 1998
Sapheer copyright Brian Harp, 1999

          Sulis sighed and sank back into her chair, dropping a bookmark into the thick, musty tome before her. The cheetah rubbed her eyes and yawned hugely "Gods, what time is it?". She knew it was well past nightfall, but couldn't remember the last time she'd heard the town clock ring. "Bah! Whatever time it is, it's past my bed-time." She settled her robe around her and padded to the door, then paused. Taking the corridors from the Library to her quarters was the long way around. Worse, she'd likely bump into her mentor, Sageth, and she was just too tired to banter with the tiger-deamon tonight. Sulis smiled and padded over to one of the book-cases. In her copious free time, she had taken to exploring the castle, and it hadn't been hard to discover that the keep was riddled with "secret" passages. The reality of them was that most were simply servant's passages, from an era when the servants were kept from coming in contact with the lords and ladies of the keep when possible. They were cramped, narrow halls between the walls which let the staff move swiftly from place to place without being seen. As time had passed, and that fashion had fallen to the wayside, the passages fell into disuse, and were basically forgotten. Sulis felt around a shelf until her fingers found a concealed catch. There was a clunk, and a section of the shelves swung out, revealing a short stairway. She'd discovered this particular passage on one memorable day, wandering through the passages to emerge here, only to find her mentor in the throes of rather violent sex with another deamon, a she-wolf Sulis was later introduced to as Sapheer.
          Sulis slipped into the passage and pulled the section of shelf closed behind her, listening for the click of the mechanism. She didn't bother with a torch or mage-light. Cracks in the masonry let in enough light that her night-vision let her see where she was going. She'd also learned to count the turns and entrances of various routes through the tunnels.
          "What do you want?" said a soft, obviously female voice.
          Sulis startled with a gasp, and darted a glance behind her. Even in the dim light she could see no one was there. She strained her ears to hear movement.
          "Look, you're going to get us in trouble, you know." the voice stated, in a stern but tired tone.
          The cheetah hissed and spun around, glaring. There was definitely nobody in the tunnel with her "God's rot it," she hissed " I don't believe in ghosts! Show yourself, or by heaven, I'll give you to Sageth!" If that wasn't enough to cow the prankster, nothing was!
          "Curse it, Svan, I don't care!"
          Sulis blinked. Svan? Who was Svan? It wasn't any alias she'd used before she became Sageth's pupil, and wasn't any pet name she'd been called in the brothel. Canting her ears forward, she started to turn slowly, trying to locate the voice's origin.
          "Is it my fault papa was a letch and you got his blood?"
          Sulis crouched, curiosity piqued. The voice was coming from closer to the floor. As she knelt, it became obvious that, at least here, the holes in the wall weren't random cracks. Light streamed in from holes that formed a vague pattern along a section of the wall at about waist height. Even as she brought her eyes to the holes, she realized with a soft snicker what they were: peepholes. Obviously someone, at some time in the past, had had a taste for voyeurism. She pressed her eyes to the holes and peeked. From the angle, the peepholes were cut into the wall near to the ceiling of the room they looked into. Probably, they were hidden amongst some ornate mouldings or fretwork.
          "C'mon Rosalie, please? It's really bad, and Dame Ny won't let us even get close to any of the other girls!"
          Sulis cocked her ears forward and looked closer. This voice was male. Some trick of acoustics must have allowed her to hear one voice but not the other. Peering in, she examined the conversants. She was looking into what was obviously the bed-chamber of on of the castle's many servants. Sitting up in the bed, looking slightly disheveled and annoyed was a slim, rather buxom female raccoon in a loose cotton night-shirt. She assumed this was Rosalie. Standing in the middle of the room were two young male raccoons who were so alike they might have been been images in a mirror, save that one wore black breeches and a red vest, the other red breeches and a black vest.
          "No! You hurt me the last time, Svan. I was sore for a whole fortnight, and had a nasty time hiding it from Dame Ny. If she'd figured it out we'd both be sacked or worse!"
          The male in black breeches walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, and stroked the female's cheek "Please, Rose? It's so bad it almost hurts *us* right now. I didn't hurt you last time, did I? Svan'll be happy if you just help him some other way." he looked significantly at the other male "Won't you, Svan." The other male nodded, though he looked a little irked.
          Rosalie looked uncertain, biting her lower lip in a fashion that instantly endeared her to Sulis. The male sitting beside the female reached over and brushed his fingers over the peaks of her nipples as they suspended the material of her nightshirt. The she-raccoon chirrred with a little whimper, arching into the caress. "You can be in charge, Rose. We don't care, just as long as you'll make the ache go away. Please, sis?"
          Sulis' eyes widened. It hadn't quite registered until now that all three raccoons were siblings, even though all three had the same unusual blue-grey fur and dark-grey markings. Sulis hadn't known her brothers or sisters long enough to have ever considered the possibility of sex with them, but even so, the concept both shocked and interested her. That fact alone was of interest. Having spent a great part of her youth as a brothel slave, she considered herself rather jaded. There weren't many kinks in the world that still had much spark for her.
          Rosalie shivered, pouting at the male on the bed, as if upset that he'd tried to influence her decision by playing with her teat. She muttered petulantly "If mama or papa catch us, they'll kill us." Then she arched languorously, a move surely designed to goad the two young males, and ran a long pink tongue over her nose-pad. "Oh, all right, Temin." She purred "But you both have to do what I say, and you have to get me off first, this time!"
          Savn was shedding his clothes even as he nodded his agreement, baring a slim, muscular body. Sulis whistled under her breath as his breeches came off, displaying a long, thick maleness, dark pink and almost glowing against the darker blue-grey countershade of his belly. Temin was now identical to his brother as they lost their clothing into a pile on the floor, both young males intensely aroused and ready. But apparently their sister was having none of it. Slowly, calmly, the young she-raccoon stood and slipped out of her night-shirt, draping it over the head-board. Then she sat back and sprawled on the bed. Rosalie was a very pretty raccoon by Sulis' estimation. Nude, she was a female version of her brothers. She has a roundess that was common to all female raccoons, but it was tempered by long, strong legs, wide hips and large, firm breasts. Her markings were exactly the same as Svan and Temin; Dark grey with a light grey countershade down the front, but the greys had a great deal of blue in them, the darker grey almost cobalt. They all had the same grey-black mask, and gloves and boots on the hands and feet. And of course matching bottle-brush banded tails. All three also had manes of thick white hair, though the boys had it cut short, while Rosalie's hung to the small of her back. The she-raccoon stroked herself, runing her paws over her breasts and teasing her nipples. Her teats were bright pink and small, but jutted out defiantly. Her slim black fingers slide down over her belly, between her thighs. To a mons that was best described as "plump", stroking the lush fur aside and parting her labia to reveal her wet pink inner lips. Both males started forward but Rosalie flicked a paw imperiously "One more step, one more move, and you will both be humping your paws until you get married!".
          Sulis covered her muzzle and stifled a laugh, then purred softly. She shifted, sitting on the floor and unfastening her robe. She'd had little chance of purely, honestly pleasing herself like this (even if it was by something as cheap as voyeurism), and there was no sense passing up such a rare opportunity. The cheetah leaned against the wall, craning her neck to watch, and let her fingers stroke over hardening brown nipples.
          Both males had frozen obediently, apparently deeming patience better than a long future of masturbation. Rosalie squirmed in place, playing with herself and teasing her nipples, chirring and squeaking, innocent of the fact that some feet above, hidden, Sulis was mimicking her motions. The she-raccoon gestured to her brothers "Temin, come suck on my nipples."
          Temin obeyed, padding over and kneeling on the edge of the bed. He leaned over cupping his sister's breast in a paw and took it's nipple into his muzzle, suckling noisily. His sister arched and groaned aloud as ,in the passage, Sulis pinched her nipple, tugging on it, imagining being in place of young Rosalie. Rosalie, for her part, was squirming in pleasure. She slid a paw across the bed and wrapper her fingers around Temin's malness, eliciting a groan of pleasure from her brother, his muzzle humming against her breast, creating a momentary sexual feed-back loop, until he released his sister's nipple with a gasp and a wet "plop".
          Rosalie shivered all over, her fur fluffing out. She giggled raggedly, and glanced over at her other sibling, who was standing there rather forlornly, his shaft jutting out from his loins. A black finger was crooked in his direction, and he padded forward to the side of the bed. Without a word, the same black finger pointed down to his sister's sweet fat mons, then traced the cleft of her sex. Svan needed no further prodding. Sliding onto his belly on the bed, he slipped his hands under his sister's rump, lifting her slightly, and buried his muzzle in her sex with a rather obscene wet sucking noise. Rosalie's whole body went rigid, and she covered her muzzle with her paws, stifling a shriek of pleasure, before yanking a pillow over her muzzle and wailing into it. Temin grinned at his blithely content brother, while Sulis bit on a finger to stifle her mixed laughter and moans of pleasure. Somewhere in the interim the cheetah had managed to unfasten her robe, the fingers of her other hand stroking her wet black labia and fitfully teasing herself under the tail.
          Rosalie's squirming had died down to a steady bucking and rolling of her hips, as her brother lapped and sucked at her, dark-furred mons parted wide to reveal brilliant pink, the male's tongue darting and diving hungrily. Rolling her upper body onto it's side, she slid a slim black paw between Temin's thighs and sheathed his maleness in her muzzle, her fingers cradling his sac. That Temin didn't mind in the least was plain by the beatific expression that washed across his face, tongue lolling, eyes closed. He buried his fingers in his sister's mane and started rocking his hips, thrusting into her muzzle.
          Sulis by now was completely entranced, on her knees in the darkened passage, her robe completely undone, stroke her fingers into her sex and teasing her nipples with wet finger-pads, her long spotted tail lashing wildly in the air behind her.
          The tableau below Sulis remained unchanged for some time, all three raccoons completely absorbed in their individual pleasures. Then Svan pulled his muzzle from his sister's sex with a liquid slurp. He sat up on his knees, panting, and watched for long moments the bob and thrust of his sister's head and brother's hips, Rosalie's body writhing. The young male seemed to ponder a bit, then reached over the edge of the bed and pulled a lace for his vest, and with a few deft movements, tied the lace tight around the base of his cock. Sulis chuckled. It was an old trick, she knew, to keep a male from peaking too soon.
          Svan moved up and knelt astride his sisters tail, sliding his paws around her waist, and gently lifting her into his lap, cupping her hips in his paws. Enraptured with Temin's shaft in her muzzle, Rosalie only chirred and slurped as Svan arched his hips, pointing his thick phallus at the hill of his sister's mons. With a rumble of lust, Svan arched his hips, thrusting his cock into Rosalie's pussy. A gasp was forced from Sulis at the sheer eroticism of the sight; the young male's thick hard maleness plowing onto the fat wet mons, the she-raccoons cunt bulging as it stretched around her brother's rigid pole.
          Rosalie uttered a sound somewhere between a moan, a gurgle and a scream, shuddering violently. Her eyes flew open, rolling wildly like a panicked horse. Temin ran his fingers through her mane, and crooned reassuringly, holding her still. "It's okay baby sister. Shhh. Roxy, the gypsy girl, the vixen," he gasped as Rosalie's jaw clenched slightly, threatening with sharp teeth " the vixen showed us how to do this and not let it take. It'll be okay, I swear. Just relax."
          Sulis watched in lustful fascination as Svan began to thrust into his sister. He was older and larger than Rosalie, his cock stretching her plush soft mons, making her belly bulge slightly each time he thrust in, and making her labia pout outwards each time he withdrew, the mating making wet noises that combined with the soft whimpers, groans and moans into a strange erotic symphony of sex.
          Like the twins they were, Svan and Temin began to gasp and groan warningly in tandem, bodies rippling and tensing. Rosalie pulled her muzzle off Temin's cock with a sloppy smack, gasping with each thrust of Svan's hips. "Ooooooo...on...me, Temin...you know...I like..."
          Temin nodded loosely and swung a leg over Rosalie, kneeling astride her head. He wrapped both paws around his cock and started stroking wildly, groaning deeply as his sister pressed her muzzle against his sac and took his balls into her mouth. She whimpered as Svan's thrusts got harder, her mons rippling with each thrust, her big-brother's fingers dimpling her ass as he held her. The she raccoon cupped her breasts, squeezing and fondling almost roughly, pink teats jutting up between slender black fingers. The sight was too much for Savn. He thrusts hard perhaps a dozen times, then pulled his cock from his sister's cunt and arched, pressing the base of his shaft into the cleft of her cunny, his cock rising like a tower over her sex. Temin reached down and pulled free the cord wrapped around the base of Svan's cock. A snarl ripped through the room as Svan bucked, an enormous thick gout of seed jetting from his cock splashing over Rosalie's belly in a rushing white flood. Temin in turn exploded at the sight of his brother's release, his own jizm jetting in a heavy rain over Rosalie's breasts and paws, smearing thick ropes of white through black fur, hot gobbets of seed splashing over aching pink nipples. The little she-raccoon whined and squirmed in pleasure, nuzzling her brother's balls as he showered her in lust.
          Sulis too had been pushed over the edge. Kneeling in the dark, finger's pumping in her black sex, watching two handsome brothers fuck their little sister in the mouth and pussy, she had felt the slow sweet swell of orgasm, the knot of tension growing at the base of the tail, until with a final thrust of fingers it ripped up her spine, exploding behind her eyes in a white flash of release. She bit her own arm, moaning into the fur as her cunt spasmed around her fingers, her supple lean form arching and writhing. In the heat of her climax, she felt something hot and slick splash across her ass and pussy, running thickly between her cheeks and dripping down her fingers. Lost in the haze of her climax, she glanced dreamily over her shoulder. A young male wolf in the livery of the house squatted behind her, leaning back against the wall, one paw cupping his balls, the other stroking his cock. He had cum all over her ass and thighs. Too dazed to say anything, she blinked at him as anger, shock, shame, lust and outrage battled for supremacy in her addled mind.
          "They're gorgeous to watch, aren't they." he whispered.
          Sense and comprehension bloomed in Sulis' mind, and she grinned.
          The wolf glanced ruefully at his sticky paw and the ropes of semen decorating Sulis' rear "I'm sorry Lady...you have such a gorgeous ass and pussy, and you were so intent ... I couldn't resist."
          Sulis slid her fingers out of herself, and sucked on them, tasting her hunger. She smiled at the wolf, glancing through the peepholes as the two male raccoons slumped on the bed, watching the female squirm and writhe, slicking hot cum through her fur, her breasts and paws shiny with spunk. She glanced back at the young wolf and wriggled her hips, hiking her tail "Mmm...your punishment for your insolence it to satisfy me." She grinned at him, nodding to the peepholes "This act may be done, but the show must go on, after all."