You'll find below images and short descriptions of the items I have available for trade. I'm currently looking for any and all smoke and chemical grenades, flash-bangs or other similar devices, ancient or modern, new or used.

French Mecar M73 Practice Grenade. German (Wehrmacht) Ersatz Grenade. Makeshift grenade produced at the end of the war: consist of a 1/2 pound aerial bomblet threaded and fitted with a BZ39 grenade fuze.
DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) aka East German Practice Grenade. Indigenously produced F1-type grenade body, drilled and plugged at both ends, and painted bright red, as is the practice with European training devices. Communist Chinese Practice Stick Grenade. Presumably the "58" indicates date of manufacture, but may also be a factory-number.
Reproduction of a Viet-Cong "Jungle Workshop" Stick Grenade. Consist of an F1-type grenade body mated to a stick handle U.S. Grenade, Hand, Training, Mk1A1. Solid, cast-iron practice grenade.

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