May 7th 2012 - Updated removing contant at owner request, updating dead links.

September 21, 2003- Updated the Rogue's Gallery with some gift pictures
September 4, 2003- Updated the Contest page, the IOITP with eight new images.
August 22, 2003- Getting bad about this again. Updated the Smut Contest at last, only a few months late.
February 14, 2003- Updated the IOITP at long last.
February 5, 2003- Finally got off my a** and added something more than a picture or two: check out the Smut Contest. More art coming soon.
October 2, 2002- Added a new rant to the Rants section.
September 5, 2002- Four new images in the IOITP. added a banner for Shawntae Howard's "Extinctioners" site to my links page.
August 18, 2002- Added a new image to the "Rogue's Gallery".
August 7, 2002- Fixed the busted link to FAN archive in the Galleries section
August 5, 2002- Added new pictures, and made some changes to the IOITP, so I could include commentary on images.
July 19, 2002- Added a new "rant" to the Rants and Raves page; a happy little hint-guide for new artists.
July 15, 2002- Added to the E-commerce section; two new CD's of my art.
May 22, 2002- Added new pictures in the IOITP, added an image to the Rogue's Gallery, added pictures and a Trades section to the Militaria-Grenades section under Egocentricism.
April 2, 2002- Added 6 new pics to the IOITP page, and moved the link to the Wolf Store, so people could find it more readily.
March 22, 2002- Added a new image to the "Rogues Galler"
March 6, 2002- Added the E-commerce section (The Wolf Store).
February 26, 2002- New Pictures in the Image of the Indeterminate Time Period.
December 20, 2001- New pictures in the Image of the Interterminate Time period.
December 17, 2001- Added "The Toy Tank" to the Egocentricism page, updated the Secret page (yes, it's still there!).
December 14, 2001- Added a "wish list" to the Egocentricism section, since people requested it.
December 03, 2001- Changed images in the "Image of the Indeterminate Time Period" page.
November 28, 2001- Added "Travelogue" to the "Rants and Raves" section.
November 11, 2001- Additions made to the Egocentricism section (photos with explanatory text), and changed the "secret" web page....or did I? :)
November 01, 2001- site completely updated