The Image(s) of the Indeterminate Time Period

And now for something completely different ... usually what I post here is the latest doodles and sketches I've produced at random. This time around, I'm posting some of the sketches I did for other folks at AnthroCon. I came off an artistic slump with a BANG! at the con, something I'm very happy about.

Image removed at creator request

KinSha Sa, the chimera. My first chimera, as well. I've always wondered about the juxtaposition of three different "people" in the same body, espescially in this case, where they're not even the same species. KinShaSa is copyright John Boulton, 2003.

The result of a chat with fellow Cannuck and spooge-monger, Chuck Davies, while he was pissed-off about something. He made a comment about "red raffe" (we keep shortening giraffe to 'raffe'), and all I could think of was "red rum", from "The Shining", so I had to draw a murderous giraffe. Ferris, and the Red 'Raffe are copyright Charles Davies, 2003.

One of the sketchbooks I was given had the theme of "Furry Cosplay". For the un-initiated, "cosplay" is short for "costume play", an anime-con idea where people dress up as characters from manga or computer games or anime. The theme said I had to use one of my own characters as the person cosplaying, so I chose Comrade Hsien. The theme never said anything about the person being good at it! Comrade Hsien copyright Wolf Kidd, 2003. "Swan" costume copyright Tatsunoko Productions, 2003

Geemo asked me for a dragon, which made me cringe. I suck at drawing dragons. So you can imagine my surprise when this started to turn out pretty good while I was sketching it. This was the point in the convention where I started to feel pretty damned good, and stayed that way for most of the con.

However, even the best of us run out of steam after three or four days of straight drawing! :) It was supposed to be a charcter that was half dragon and half cat. I think the cat side won for the most part.

Sometimes the whole point of the drawing is the gag. No, not the ball-gag, either. You really can't read it, but the mouse is saying "You're mine now, bitch!", to the tiger. I believe the theme was "Unusual Situations", or "Unusual Pairings"

This was technically done after the convention, but it was while Ferris was visiting after the con. He likes Moka and Iava, and he likes shiny rubber, so I gave him the best of both worlds. Moka and Iava are cipyright Wolf Kidd, 2003.

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