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Last Update: May 7th, 2012
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     Hello, and welcome back, for all of you fine folks who still actually wander through here! Welcome also to you folks who have found or otherwise stumbled upon this little fragment of my world. At long last, I finally got off my lazy tail and decided to set about redoing my web page. Everything's getting a makeover, some new bits are getting added and some old bits get the axe. There are the usual suspects to thank; Bennie and the other fine folks at Macrophile.com, the people with (the hopefully stable now) Furnation.com, my family and friends, and all of the great people who encourage me with my art, visit my site and otherwise inspire me to keep doing what I'm doing.
     Folks will of course have to bear with me, because, as with just about every other web page on the planet, this one is going to be under construction or revision pretty much all the time. I won't promise anything in the way of regular updates anywhere, my schedule is too mixed up for that. But I'll do my best to have something new somewhere around here from time to time. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy yourself. Now, on with the show...

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