Places and people I think are cool...

     Generally, I'm not much for link pages, espescially since way too many "web pages" consist of nothing but a long list of usually-dead links, and there are search engines to find things you're looking for. However, there are some folks out there whose work I admire, and the simplest way I can express that is to point others to thier work and tell 'em "Go, look! This person is cool! Bow before them, as do I!". And so...

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Team Shuffle site, home of the incredible Trump. If you've never seen his work, you've got to check it out! If you know his work, check it out anyways, he updates fairly regularly.


Kemono Island, the site of Dr. Comet. His work is totally awesome! Not only beautiful, but he does some incredibly sexy renditions of classic anime furries like Bagi and Commander Bokko.


Ken "Stinken" Singshow, creator of "Battle Force: Androzon!" (And he's too darn nice to me, too!)

Shawntae "Ebony Leopard" Howard: Creator of "Extinctioners".

Folks Without Banners

Ken "Coug'r" Sample: The Grand Old Man of furry art (and the man who's going to kill me for saying it. :) )

Greg Panovich: Fantastic, cartoony artist! Really sexy stuff!

Malcolm "Max BlackRabbit" Earle: The man who brought you ZigZag! What more can I say?

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