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Here's a bunch of images of "me", in various guises, by various artists. Please keep in mind that all of the characters are copyright me or the respective artist, and all the art is copyright the artists. If you want to show people these pics, give them the URL. Thanks!


All of these images are clickable, to see a larger copy of the image.

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Here we have Wolf accompanied by the incomparable Unicugar and Anicugar, two of my favourite characters of Ken's. This was the frontispiece for my "Tough Furry Femmes" sketchbook. It took me a year, and sketch by Ken, to get anyone else to be willing to follow this image in the book.

Wolfette is a female variation on myself that I play occasionally on FurryMuck. I'd give just about anything to be built the way Ken draws me, male or female!

A slightly less clothed version of me, as drawn by Ken, accompanied by Ze Kimmel-Malkar, one of my older characters from FurryMuck, done as something of a model sheet, to establish comparative size. While he's captured my likeness suprizingly well, I can only wish to be built that well.

Somewhere along the line, I picked up a reputation as some sort of murderous, raving sociopath, who would kill you if you looked at him side-ways, and who just happened to be able to draw. This is Melissa Drake's rendition of what she thought our first real-life encounter would be like.

Possibly the second most popular way to draw my avatar, due mostly to the afore-mentioned reputation, as well as my membership in an Amateur Press Association that was known for the members taking playful shots at one another.This is Melissa Drake's take, on "Cute Baby Wolf"

Jimmy "Call me Kohii" Chin takes me to task for my proclivity for well-endowed women.

John Nunnemacher responds to a gag by Jimmy, earlier in the sketchbook.

Lisa "Micole" Jennings expiriments with drawing me in her own inimitable style.

Rogues Gallery: 1,2,3

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