"Hunting Party"
© Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd, 1997
lutrai, harkai, Ollie and Marteke © Ollie Canal, 1997

         Ollie groaned, his eyes fluttering closed to just a slit. Dimly, in the lower periphery of his vision, he could see Marteke, his sister, her head bobbing up and down. He had to admit, all sibling rivalry aside, the smaller female lutrai gave some of the best head in the whole village. Squirming back into the nest of leaves and vines, Ollie churred happily, squeaking occasionally as Marteke's sharp little teeth slid along him, teasingly. He and his sister had fled the village this morning to get away from the noise and bustle. Much as lutrai liked being together, sometimes it was nice to relax alone. Lifting his head, Ollie watched his sister nurse on his length, her blunt, pretty muzzle making the pink of his cock appear and disappear in a fashion that was magical, with no magic involved. Occasionally, she'd stop, and pull his cock completely out of her mouth, grinning at him past the tip. Then she'd run her tongue up and down his length a few times, and engulf it in the heat of her muzzle again. Ollie was getting incredibly excited. Marteke and he had been doing this for a long time now, and she knew just what to do to hold him on the edge. But even she could only make him hold out for so long. Putting his paws on her head, he started fucking her muzzle, rocking his hips on the wild, fast climb to climax "Ooooh...good thing you can swim, sis!".
         Arching, Ollie clenched his teeth, feeling the explosion rising from his balls, preparing to drown Marteke on the spot...and then he froze! In arching, he had opened his eyes. Looking right back at him in the bushes were a pair of large gold eyes, intent and unblinking. The Lutrai's blood went cold. Marteke, thinking he had frozen on the edge of climax, bobbed her head even faster. She was completely startled when he sat up abruptly, and pushed her away, his eyes wide "RUN!". Marteke vanished in a rustle of leaves, Ollie right after her, sprinting for the safety of the village. Dodging wildly between the trees, the two lutrai were little brown streaks in the dappled sunlight, fast and agile. Darting ahead of his sister, he spotted a sheltered nook under a huge tree, and dove into it. Marteke following suit.
       "What ... what are we running from?" she panted.
         Ollie gulped air and shivered, peering out into the shadows of the woods. It was mid-day, but that actually made it worse, the bright sun making the shadows even deeper "Harkai." he whispered. Marteke shivered, and joined him in watching the shadows for more shadows. "We can't stay here." he continued "They'll find us by smell. Come on!".
         Hopping up, he ran for the village again, dodging real or imagined forms that followed them through the woods like grey ghosts. A soft, eerie howl rose from the right, and Ollie instinctively dove left, away from the hidden predator. Other harkai voices joined the first, behind them. The two lutrai ran faster, vision tunneling as fear and adrenaline pushed them to their limit. Dimly, Ollie realized they were being driven away from the village. Desperately, he tried to correct their course. Each time, grey harkai, fleet and silent, would appear, blocking his path. It was only a matter of time before they were caught. Suddenly, Ollie dodged violently, feinting to one side, then sprinting for all he was worth in the other direction. Aiming right for a dense thicket of brush, he dove through the center of it, hoping to lose them in the thick scrub. He was startled and horrified when his leap carried him into blinding sunlight. He came to a stop so abruptly, that Marteke slammed into him from behind, sending them both sprawling. The brush had edged a huge clearing, it's only "cover" a pile of huge rounded boulders in the middle. Ollie desperately grabbed Marteke, dragging her to her feet and running for the brush. There was absolutely no way they could hope to outrun the Harkai on open ground. He slid to a halt when a huge male Harkai stepped out of the brush, directly in front of him. The lutrai stopped, panting, and stared at their pursuer. The Harkai was immensely broad, especially compared to the slim, sleek lutrai. His blue-grey pelt was thick, and like the lutrai was decorated with streaks and designs of paint. Red and gold marks on his muzzle and around his eyes, and down his body high-lighted his powerful form. Like Ollie and Marteke, he wore a loin-cloth. Daggers hung from his belt, as well as a leather pouch. A leather bag was slung over his shoulder. But what held Ollie's attention was the sword hanging in the harkai's right fist. Almost twice as long as the lutrai's arm, it far outclassed the dagger Ollie was carrying. But still he had to try...they weren't going to get either lutrai without a fight! Ollie crouched and drew his dagger, extending his tail for balance, and watched as another Harkai ghosted from the brush, to stand beside the first. And another. And another. None of them were as big or elaborately marked as the first one, but all were bigger than the lutrai.
         "O-Ollie ... ?" Marteke whimpered softly.
         Ollie glanced at his sister, and his heart fell. His sister was standing with her back against the chest of another Harkai, who had come up behind them. The big male was stroking his sister's chest, and idly playing with her nipples. His other hand held a jagged-edged knife, which rested along Marteke's collar-bone, with the implicit threat that carried. The harkai grinned at Ollie, displaying pointed fangs. Lightly, the Harkai traced the dagger across Marteke's throat, fur wafting away on the breeze. A few bright droplets of blood beaded on Marteke's fur. Slumping, Ollie tossed his dagger into the grass. Apparently the harkai weren't out to kill them, at least not yet. The Harkai laughed, their voices deep and rumbling, and the decorated male growled something at the others. Powerful paws wrapped around Ollie's wrists, pulling them behind his back, allowing ropes to be lashed around them. Marteke was picked up bodily, and slung over the shoulder of one of the other Harkai, who wheeled, and strode towards the pile of boulders in the center of the clearing. The leader laughed, and barked an order, and Ollie was picked up by his wrists, and casually dragged along. He tried to get his feet under him, but was forced into a stumbling run to try and keep up with the bigger, and longer-legged Harkai.
     Reaching the boulders, Ollie realized with a bit of depression that he and Marteke had been going exactly where the Harkai had wanted them too. The boulders were strewn in a rough circle, with a fire pit dug in the center. The Harkai were apparently a hunting party of young males, and they had chosen this natural fortress as their camp. Ollie and Marteke had run almost straight into it. Ollie was dragged to a halt and dropped unceremoniously at the feet of the Harkai who had been carrying him. Struggling upright, he looked around. Marteke was standing in a circle of four of the six Harkai, looking frightened. The were examining her pretty thoroughly, running their paws over her, fondling her breasts, and rump, teasingly tugging on her nipple-ring. Marteke, for her part, squirmed away from their hands as much as she could, her blue eyes huge and wide. Unfortunately, her simple loincloth did nothing to hide the fact that she was actually getting kind of aroused by all the attention. Ollie smiled grimly to himself. Leave it to his sister to get turned on by being captured by a large group of dangerous predators.
         The Harkai quickly tired of Marteke's wriggling, and one of them grabbed her by the arms, just above her elbows, and almost lifted her off the ground. The big predators seemed amused by her excitement, roughly pinching and pulling her nipples, making the little lutrai arch, biting her lower lip. One of the harkai drew a knife out of his belt, and stroked her stomach with the point. Marteke froze, eyes widening, and ears back. He flicked his wrist, and her loincloth fluttered to the ground. The harkai reached down and stroked between Marteke's legs, pulling his fingers back wet. He laughed and said something to his companions. Then he hooked his thumbs into the sides of his belt, and pulled the front of his own loincloth down. His back was to Ollie, but the way Marteke's jaw dropped told Ollie everything he needed to know. The male said something to Marteke, then indicated Ollie with a wave of his knife, then drew the knife tip across his own throat in a fairly self explanatory gesture. Marteke blinked at him, since she spoke no Harkai. The leader, who had been watching for the whole time, laughed. He strode over and rumbled something at the other in a derogatory sounding tone, then untied his loincloth. Stepping over to Marteke, the leader put one paw on her shoulder, pushing her down to her knees. He put the other paw on the back of her head and pulled her muzzle to his groin. Marteke squeaked and made noises of protest that were abruptly muffled as she made gulping noises, followed by wet sucking sounds. At first, his sister struggled a bit, but eventually she stopped. The male behind her let go her arms, and she leaned into the leader, bringing her arms around and stroking the big male's rump and balls.
         Ollie shivered and licked his lips. His imagination was getting the better of him, thinking about the view from the visible side, as his sister sucked the big male's cock. It would have been nicer if he had his hands tied in front. At least that way he could adjust himself under his loincloth, so his own erection wasn't pointing into the ground. Finally, he decided to try rolling onto his side. He found himself looking up at the Harkai who was standing over him. Ollie blinked and gaped. The male had pulled down his loincloth, and was distractedly stroking an enormous pink cock, the length of it glistening as it stroked through his grey fist. Ollie swallowed audibly. No wonder Marteke had gaped! The small noise drew the harkai's attention, and he looked down at Ollie, tongue lolling out of his muzzle. The look on the lutrai's face caused the harkai to laugh, and rumble "You like what you see?" Ollie could only blink in incomprehension. The male repeated his question, and then laughed even louder, when a big drop of sticky precum fell on Ollie's face, splashing across his muzzle. He stopped laughing, and his eyes narrowed when Ollie, quite without thinking, thrust his tongue out and licked the salty-sweet liquid off his face. The harkai gave Ollie a very thoughtful look. Both of them were distracted by a sudden low snarl off to the side. Ollie craned around his neck in time to see the harkai leader arch, the muscles in the back of his legs and in his rump rippling. A flood of white liquid poured down Marteke's front, rivulets of it running down and dripping off his sister's bouncing tits, heavy splashes of the male's thick cum splattering all over her.
         The harkai leader thrust a few more times, then stepped back. Marteke sat down heavily in the grass, gasping, her face cobwebbed with thick strings of the harkai's seed, droplets stuck in her whiskers. The leader panted for a few moments, and then said something, gasping for breath. The other harkai laughed. One of them said something, and gestured with his hands. Several more replied enthusiastically. The leader grinned toothily and nodded assent. The other males quickly shed their loincloths, baring stiff pink cocks. Marteke was pushed down onto hands and knees, one male kneeling behind her, another kneeling in front of her. This time, nothing impeded the view as a thick pink harkai cock was shoved into the lutrai's muzzle. She gurgled and moaned as the male behind her lifted her up, and slid himself into her. Both males started thrusting, hard, the little female trapped between them, her heavy tits, still dripping with their leader's cum, bouncing and swaying under her. Ollie squirmed a little. His cock was actually starting to ache. Frustrated, he rolled onto his belly, and rocked his hips, rubbing himself against the smooth leather of his loincloth. The pressure felt good, as he watched the two males fuck his sister, pink cocks pumping wetly in and out of her. Both of them were obviously having a good time, tongues lolling. Marteke didn't seem to be terribly distressed either, her eyes closed, head bobbing furiously in the harkai's lap. After a few minutes, she arched her back and pulled her muzzle off his cock, licking him and rubbing her face along the harkai's shaft.
         Ollie arched his back sympathetically, humping against the ground. The show Marteke was putting on was getting him really turned-on. He was more than a little startled when powerful hands wrapped around his waist, and he felt the pressure of a hard, hot cock under his tail. All he had time for was a chirp of surprise, before the harkai lowered its weight onto him, shoving the hot, wet spear of its shaft into his body. Ollie's sphincter rebelled, and then surrendered to the irresistible pressure. The lutrai whimpered. He'd played with other male lutrai before, but none of them had approached the size of the harkai fucking him now. The big harkai pressed his chest against Ollie's back, forcing his chest to the ground, and started thrusting fast and hard, the length of his cock ramming deep and hard into the helpless lutrai's ass, making Ollie's eyes water. It felt like the enormous, hot battering-ram should be coming out of his mouth any moment. He struggled futilely, whimpering and pleading as the harkai humped its thick rude cock in his butt, precum slicking it's passage until the male could fuck with savage, brutal ease. The harkai gave several sharp thrusts, and then arched against Ollie's rump, growling deeply. A flood of liquid heat poured into the poor lutrai's ass. The harkai growled deeply, a sound of satisfaction, his hips still pumping slowly, milking himself in Ollie's poor abused tail-hole.
         Ollie moaned softly as the harkai withdrew, his cock pulling free with a feeling of wet suction. Blinking back the pain, the lutrai opened his eyes, just in time to see Marteke receive the full brunt of orgasm of the harkai she was sucking off. The thick pink shaft fountained white seed across her face, into her eyes and across her shoulders and back. The other male immediately there-after decorated her rump and tail, gushing his cum over the backs of her thighs. Both males sat back, panting and grinning at their sticky handiwork. The leader of the harkai stood behind the one at Marteke's head, and rumbled something, stroking himself idly, a thin trickle of clear liquid running from the tip of his cock. One of the other harkai pushed the panting Marteke onto her back with a foot. She looked up at the harkai, panting weakly, dirty and cum-splattered. The male who had just finished fucking Ollie, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and dragged him over to Marteke, dropping him beside her. His sister looked dazed, her eyes slightly unfocused. She giggled unsteadily, and reached down, sliding her paw under Ollie's loincloth and stroking his cock. The harkai laughed.
         "You finish what you started, yah?" inquired one of the harkai, to the merriment of his companions. Marteke giggled again, and rolled over on top of Ollie, sitting astride his chest, her tail hitting him in the face. He could feel her stroking him, her soft, nimble fingers sliding along the smooth length of his shaft. His balls tightened warningly. Ollie shivered hard and bit the inside of Marteke's thigh, harkai jizm dripping all over his face. Hungry as his sister's sex usually was, it could only hold so much, and the harkai had combined volume with very poor aim. He almost screamed when Marteke dragged her sharp little teeth along the length of his cock. Suddenly, the shade between Marteke's spread legs got even darker. Ollie tilted his head back, and was met by a rather close view of the harkai-leader's enormous member. The lutrai blinked, somewhat startled. A grey fist wrapped around the base of the cock, and thumped Ollie on the end of the muzzle with it, as an unsubtle reminder of what Ollie and Marteke's apparent jobs were. The lutrai opened his muzzle, and licked the blunt tip, running his tongue over it. He got no warning at all, before the huge, thick tool was shoved roughly into his muzzle. Ollie whimpered, gagging on the huge cock, his eyes watering. Somewhere in the back of his head, his aching jaw made him wonder how Marteke had managed to suck this monster to orgasm, but it was apparent that the harkai was intent on teaching Ollie the trick. The long, pink pole pumped in Ollie's muzzle, forcing into the constriction of his throat, cutting off his air. The lutrai's throat bulged with the fist-sized tip, as heavy, furred balls banged against his nose. It was only when Ollie began to struggle violently, that the harkai pulled his cock out with a wet plop. Ollie slumped to the ground, gasping for air, coughing and gagging. For his part, the harkai never missed a beat, shifting his hips, and plunging his battering-ram phallus into Marteke's cunt. It slid into Marteke's body with a wet sucking sound, right to the hilt in a single stroke. The female lutrai fairly howled around Ollie's cock, a senstation both strange, and startlingly erotic. His sister lifted her head off his erection and moaned, shaking as the harkai pounded into her. Ollie could only watch as the harkai's big cock slid in and out of his sister, scant inches above his nose, juice, and cum from her two previous mounters dripping on his face and neck. Marteke's fingers stroked his cock erratically, her hot breath swirling around the tip of his cock,as she moaned and grunted in time with the harkai's thrusts. With the harkai leader's balls bouncing just above his own, Ollie was painfully aware of his own aching balls. It didn't help that Marteke was playing with them, and rubbing her face against his shaft..
         Unlike the others, the harkai leader seemed intent on drawing-out his use of the little female lutrai, thrusting hard and fast, and then slowing, his cock soon glossy and slick with juices, sliding easily in and out of Marteke's body. Ollie's sister had apparenly relaxed enough to handle the harkai's titanic cock. Enough so that, Marteke, originally distracted, started resuming her abuse of Ollie's cock and balls, licking and sucking on them. In fact, it quickly became apparent she was too relaxed for the harkai's taste. He gave several hard thrusts that made Marteke whimper, and then abruptly pulled out, his big, pink pole rubbing all over a slightly startled Ollie's face. The harkai snarled something, and there was a swift shuffling of bodies. Someone sat on Ollie's legs, and Marteke made that gurgling noise that told Ollie one of the harkai had stuffed his cock down her throat. Marteke squirmed and moaned, and to Ollie's perverse delight, where his cock pressed against Marteke's throat, he could feel the harkai's cock sliding inside.
     Just above Ollie's nose, the harkai leader stroked himself, big grey fist pumping up and down along the thick pink maleness. He rubbed his tip against Marteke's sopping wet sex, liquid drooling over his tip. Ollie raised his head to suck on the teasing cock, when, to his suprise, it was lifted out of his reach. Before the lutrai's astonished gaze, the harkai guided his cock-tip up. Sweeping Marteke's stout tail up against his chest, the harkai leader pointed his cock at the bare triangle of skin under Marteke's tail, and thrust. Ollie watched in fascination, as his sister's ass dimpled, and then stretched to accept the huge intruder. Marteke screamed, a muffled howl around the cock of the harkai who was in her mouth. The little female struggled and shuddered violently. Ollie could feel her pawing at the legs of the harkai fucking her muzzle. There was a resounding slap, and she stopped, whimpering. Not that it much mattered to the leader. With his paws on her hips, he stroked into her body, sodomizing her with lustful abandon, each thrust sinking him deeper and deeper into the lutrai's unwilling ass. Ollie could only watch as the pink pole slide slickly in and out under his sister's tail. Faster and faster the harkai thrust, taking Marteke from either end, silent now except for gutteral grunts, and sloppy-wet sliding sounds.
         An electric twinge ran up Ollie's spine, and to his dismay, he realized he was getting turned on by the image of these big males fucking his sister, ravishing her completely. The sights, scents, and sounds, combined with the fact that Marteke's heavy tits were rubbbing against his cock as the harkai used her, and the fact that Marteke had teased him into a near-frenzy, was bringing him very close to the edge. Even as the harkai leader began to speed his thrusts, Ollie could feel his balls tightening against the base of his sheath. Wide eyed, he watched as the harkai's massive cock swelled, and with several violent thrusts, arched against Marteke's rump. Before his eyes, the harkai's cock swelled and bulged, pulsing, as he fired his load into Marteke's ass. Both harkai howled aloud, and Ollie could feel cum pouring over his balls as the harkai in front overflowed Mareteke's muzzle. From behind, the biggest harkai rocked his hips, shuddering as he expended himself, pink-tinged jizm boiling out around his pole. The sight was too much for Ollie. Clenching his teeth, he exploded, his cock throbbing painfully as he jetted what felt like the biggest load of his life, a fountain of cum, spraying all over his sister's face, shoulders and tits. Marteke let out a weak whine, and collapsed, falling atop Ollie. Unfortunately, this brought down the two harkai on top of the pile. Abused, exhausted, and with the breath knocked out of him, Ollie passed out.

         Ollie groaned, and opened his eyes to a slit. Bright sunlight was beating down upon him. He groaned again, his head throbbing. "Gods, I feel like shit." Had he been partying last night? And suddenly, it all came back to him. He sat bolt-upright, heart racing, staring around him. There was nobody around, save Marteke, asleep and snoring faintly, sprawled on her back. "Whoa...did I dream all that?". Confused, he looked around, scratching his chest..and was startled to find his fingers getting tangled up. Lifting his paw, a thrill ran down his spine. Around his neck was a necklace, made of small, polished stones, each drilled with a hole, and threaded onto a thong. It wasn't all that unusual . . . except that this necklace had a tiny fetish hanging from it. Made of some blue-grey stone, the fetish was in the form of a tiny creature with an enormour erection . . . a tiny harkai, with an enormous erection. "Marteke!"
         "Whut?", slurred the female lutrai. She barely opened her eyes, and looked at him blearily " 's too early. Wake me up later." She rolled over onto her belly, pillowing her head on her arms.
         "But Marteke! We were . . ." Ollie stopped, and stared. Then, softly at first, but with growing volume, he started to laugh.
         Marteke managed an offended glare."What's so funny?"
         Ollie grins and shook his head "Oh, nothing important. I'll tell you after we get home." He poked her, until, irritably, she got up, and allowed herself to be ushered off to the village. All the way, she kept looking back and glaring at him. She assumed the snickering was because of her rather loose walk. Not that Ollie was walking terribly straight himself.
         The truth of the matter could only really be seen from behind. While she slept, one of the harkai had painted five little figures, just like the fetish, in bright red paint, right above her tail. Below were painted three runes, one on each cheek and one on her tail. While in fairly crude lutrai, the runes read "Nice" "Tight" "Ass". Ollie grinned. It wasn't like it was a secret.

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