My Fiction Writing

My Fiction Writing
(Mostly erotica)

     Welcome to the somewhat limited library of my literary efforts. I'm neither particularly skilled, nor terribly prolific, so there's not a lot here and it's definitely not Sartre. For the most part, I write either because I've been particularly inspired by something -usually a piece of art-, or because I have decided to playfully abuse a friend's sensibilities by pushing thier buttons.
     That being said, readers should take note that, for the most part, all of my writing is erotic in nature on some level or another. To date, only two of my efforts has been anything less than explicit, so take heed; if you are bothered by descriptions of sexual activity, most of these will not be your cup of tea.
     As a (hopefully) interesting little addition, I've placed a link at the top of each story, connecting to author's notes on each one. The notes give a little of the background and inspiration for each story, for anyone interested.

"An Error in Spelling" : The misadventure of a young apprentice mage in love. Very mild sexual content (tittilation)(PG-13)

"In the World Between Us, and Them" : A reclusive human's encounter with a pair of unusual (and unskilled ) cat-burglars. No sexual content (some very mildly adult situation). (PG)

"Scylla and Charibdes" : A young woman, apprenticed to an incubus/mage, suffers frustrations, emotional confusion, and her mentor's perverse sense of humor. Explicit sex. (R)

"Peepshow" : The apprentice to an incubus/mage finds more than she bargained for, in the secret passages of the manor-house. Explicit sex, voyeurism, incest. (R)

"Hunting Party" : Two young otteroids get rudely interrupted during an intimate moment; And that's just the start of the rudeness. Explicit sex, non-consensual sex, mild violence, incest. (R)

"An Aquired Taste" : A rather cruel lupine gentleman meets a lady who is, at the very least, his equal. Physical violence, non-consentual sex, drugs, explicit language (the works)(NC-17)

"Predator Prey Relations" : Two otteroids become the unwilling guests of an exceedingly cruel hostess. Non-consensual sex, physical violence, graphic death. (X) WARNING: The contents of this story are extremely graphic, and as such, the reader is doubly forewarned.

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