Predator Prey Relations
(c) Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd, 1997
Ollie, lutrai, khatrai, harkai (c) Ollie Canal, 1997

    Ollie glared at the female lutrai beside him. He had never much cared for Hadra, and now he cared for her even less. For her part, Hadra returned his baleful look with her usual haughty stare "Why are you looking at me like that? How was I to know it was a trap?".
    Ollie would have kicked her, except his feet were tied. So were his hands, for that matter, as were hers. "Oh, right! Glass-bead necklaces always grow on trees, Hadra! You are so stupid!". He wrestled with his bindings, but to no avail. That female khatrai sure new how to tie knots. Hadra pouted.
    "Well, I thought maybe someone had lost it or something. " she whined.
    Ollie started to reply, and then gave up. She was just way too stupid. "Oh, just shut-up and see if you can bite through my ropes, will you. That crazy khatrai and her harkai boyfriend will be back any second!"
    "Ooooh...too late!" churred a new voice. Ollie winced, and ducked slightly, a wall-hanging was pulled aside, and the female khatrai slinked into the room. She wore a "dress" that consisted of myriad metal buckles and rings, and leather straps, a costume which served to enhance and display her body more than cover it. More metal rings linedthe edges of her ears, and gleans in her nipples and labia. She grinned, and idly kicked Ollie "Now don't get any ideas...we can't have you leaving just yet ... we have plans for you. You're to be guests at a little party we're having tonight."
    Ollie shivered. "Uhm, can we come back some other time?"
    The khatrai chuckled, and shook her head, then lifted a corner of the wall-hanging "Schavar, our guests are awake. Could you take them into the bedroom?"
    To say that Schavar, the harkai, was big, would have been a serious understatement. When he pulled the hanging aside, he completely filled the doorway, his blue-black hide blotting out the light. On his dark coat, the gold and orange markings painted into his fur almost shone. He made the chocolate-furred khatrai seem comparatively tiny, even though she was the same size as the two lutrai. He picked Ollie and Hadra up, one on each arm, like two sacks of flour. Hadra screamed and struggled. Ollie had the good sense to save his energy. There was no fighting this giant.
    Schavar carried the two bound otteroids through the halls of the "house", which seemed to have been carved, whole, from an enormous tree. He paused at an ornate door just long enough to switch both lutrai to one hand, and open the door. Closing the door behind him, he deposited the two lutrai unceremoniously on the floor. Ollie took the time to right himself, and then glared at Hadra, who just shrieked and hollered.
    A few minutes later, the khatrai appeared through the door. She closed the doors, and then locked them, with the kind of serious clicking noises that bespoke very solid locks. She turned and beckoned to the harkai. She held between her hands a heavy chain, with a key on it. The huge male glided over, and bowed his great head, allowing her to slip the chain around his neck. With him in that bowed position, she pulled him close, and kissed him, long and lingering. The harkai, for his own part, rumbled softly, though whether it was in pleasure or acknowledgement, Ollie couldn't really guess. The khatrai broke the kiss, and patted the giant's neck. "Now, lets have a look at our guests, shall we, Schavar?".
    The harkai lumbered over, and handily picked up Ollie, who groaned softly at the big male's lack of gentleness. The khatrai stalked up to him, and stood so close Ollie could feel the heat of her body. Sharp khatrai claws traced over the lutrai's chest and belly. With a flick of her wrist, the thong that held Ollie's breechcloth up was snipped cleanly in two, and he hung before her, naked.
    "Oooh...nice..." she cupped Ollie sheath and balls and squeezed firmly, but not quite painfully "I think we may have a use for this one, yesssssss." She rubs her breasts against Ollie's chest, and put her muzzle close to his face, her needle-sharp teeth a few inches from his eyes. Ollie stared, vaguely fascinated as she ran a pink tongue over those pointed fangs "You like to fuck, don't you, lutrai...I've seen you're Kit's Eve orgies ... all those wriggling, writhing bodies." She bit him lightly on the chin, and nibbled her way down his neck, biting hard enough to hurt. Ollie watched, enraptured, as the khatrai rubbed against him, sliding down until his sheath was cradled between her breasts. She tugged on the silver-metal rings in her nipples, and smiled toothily up at the lutrai "I just bet you'd like to feel your cock between my tits, pumping away, until you coated my muzzle and face all white, hmmmm?", she purred.
    Ollie shivered, and in spite of the situation, felt himself starting to get hard. The khatrai's fur was incredibly soft and warm, and she did have a great looking set of knockers, nicely cradled in leather, the rings gleaming prettily. The tip of Ollie's sheath stretched open around his tip, bright pink contrasting the cream of his belly fur.
    "You do like that idea!" cooed the khatrai. Her head momentarily cut off Ollie's view, but he didn't need to see to know what was going on. He could feel her hot, pointed tongue laving over the tip of his cock, teasing into the slit. Ollie shuddered as his shaft fairly sprang into erection, sliding out to stand against his belly. The khatrai made a little noise of pleasure and leaned back, running her paws over Ollie's shaft, claws tracing over his skin " lutrai have such nice big cocks. " she leaned close and lightly bit Ollie's nose "You and I are going to have so much fun." She stood and made a dismissive gesture. Ollie was set back down on the floor, and the huge harkai padded behind the khatrai, as he strode over to Hadra. The she-lutrai was picked up and suspended before their hostess just as Ollie had been. Except Hardra started to wail and holler and complain. Ollie winced when the khatrai drew back a hand and slapped Hadra hard enough to rock the lutrai's head back against Schavar's chest. When it rolled forwards again, Hadra was wide-eyed and silent. Blood ran down her face in four distinct streams, where the khatrai's claws had sliced her. The khatrai licked her claws clean, and then pointed a finger at Hadra, who flinched violently. "You," the khatrai hissed "Make too much noise. And while it's tempting to cut the tongue out of that empty head of yours, I might have use for it later." She grinned, eyes glittering evilly "Besides...Schavar likes screamers, don't you, baby?" she reaches past Hadra and stroked the harkai's muzzle. Schavar made a noise that might have been mistaken for a chuckle.
    "But since you're so noisy, and I like my quiet while I work...we simply must do something." She padded over to a chest, and tossed it open, idly scattering things on the floor, until she came up with an object consisting of a number of leather straps, and what appeared to be a wooden ball. She walked back over to Hadra, and unceremoniously stuffed the ball into her mouth. Hadra started to struggle wildly, but the straps were quickly cinched around her head, the khatrai yanking and pushing with no regards to the gashes on the lutrai's face. Hadra moaned around the gag, wide-eyed. The khatrai grinned at her "Remember to breath through your nose, or you'll suffocate." She licked Hadra's nose wetly, causing the lutrai to go into a fit of coughing and gagging. The khatrai stepped back and regarded the struggling lutrai, until Hadra slumped weakly, shaking. "Now, let's have a look at you."
    The khatrai ran her paws over Hadra, removing what little clothing the lutrai wore. Sharp claws traced Hadra's pink nipples, and stroked the hill of her sex. She weighed the lutrai's breasts in her paws, bouncing them lightly. "Yes...a nice plump little bitch, isn't she, Schavar?"
    For the first time, there was an obvious reaction from the massive male. He grinned toothily, and nodded. The khatrai slid a finger into Hadra's cunni, and pinched her clit. Hadra wailed around the gag. The khatrai tittered icily.
    "She's a little plain though, I think. Have to correct that." She swayed over to a cabinet, and withdrew a roll of black velvet. Padding back, she set the roll on a table, and un-did it, revealing the contents: a set of strange looking metal tongs and a handle made of metal. Two small wooden boxes were stored in little loops in the roll. "Hold her still, Schavar."
    Horribly fascinated, Ollie watched as the khatrai took up the "tongs" and pinched Hadra's nipple between them. Hadra wailed around the gag, and thrashed violently. Ollie was surprised when the khatrai removed her hand, and the tongs stayed attached to Hadra's nipple. Hadra stopped thrashing almost instantly. She had at least enough brains to realize she was just hurting herself. The khatrai turned back to the roll, and pulled out the two wooden boxes. From one, she withdrew a needle, from the other, a small, relatively thick metal ring. The needle was clamped into the handle. Hadra was crying by now, tears running down her muzzle, leaving dark trails in her fur. She shivered as the khatrai took hold of the clamp again. And then the khatrai drove the needle through Hadra's nipple.
    Hadra screamed a highly pitched keening noise that seeped out around the gag, and leaked out her nose. Her body went rigid. The khatrai took the chance offered by the momentary immobility, and slid the ring through the piercing, squeezing it firmly shut. Hadra collapsed, gasping and gagging, eyes huge and pupils dilated to tiny points. The khatrai grinned and ran a finger of Hadra's breast "Much nicer! Now for the rest." And she began methodically piercing the lutrai's other nipple, and then her labia.
    For Ollie, the unwilling spectator to all this, Hadra's responses, her wailing and screaming, were no surprise. What was a surprise, was the reaction of Schavar. True to the khatrai's words, it was apparent that the big harkai liked "screamers". With each cry, more of the harkai's huge cock slid from his sheath, wet and pink, the tip as big as Ollie's fist. By the time the khatrai stepped back, panting, Hadra had gleaming metal rings in her nipples, and both inner and outer labia. And Schavar had a staggering pink hard-on, bobbing against the white of his belly, shiny and wet.
    "There...such an improvement!" the khatrai purred. Ollie watched as the female studied her handiwork, idly playing with her nipples, and stroking between her legs, obviously aroused by what she'd done, and the sight of Hadra's pierced body. There was a quaver in her voice as she waved a paw at the harkai "Schavar, darling, w-why don't you amuse yourself with the little bitch, I have our other guest to attend to.
    Ollie watched as the khatrai strutted over to him, hips swaying fluidly, her tail following sinuously behind. Her nipples were perfectly erect, and he could smell her arousal. She rubbed against him with almost lutrai suppleness, squirming and wriggling, enveloping him in her scent, a staggering combination of female, arousal, and leather. His traitorous cock was almost instantly hard, and she knelt, taking the tip into her muzzle and sucking fervently, almost worshipfully, her soft paws and sharp claws caressing and stroking his balls and shaft as she slowly swallowed his whole length. Ollie stared, his mouth hanging open, as the khatrai swallowed his whole cock, her nose-pad pressed into his pubic fur, then pulled back off with a slurp, sucking on his tip. She returned his boggled stare with an impish grin "Silly don't think I'd have Schavar around and not practice on him, did you?" Ollie glanced at the harkai, who was rubbing Hadra along a cock that was as long as Ollie's forearm, and nearly as thick. He looked down at the khatrai in shock and awe, then shuddered as she laughed softly and tilted her head to the side, opening her muzzle and letting him see as his cock slid into her mouth to the constriction of her throat. Then she started swallowing him, like a snake swallows an egg.
    It wasn't long before Ollie started feeling that constriction in his chest that he knew came from an oncoming orgasm. A whimper drew his attention away from the khatrai's show. Off to the side, Schavar, tired of using Hadra to masturbate with, had lifted the little lutrai and set her on the tip of his ponderous cock. The harkai was now slowly forcing her down onto his shaft, her cunt stretching to accommodate him. It looked like Hadra's eyes would bug out of her head, and she was howling around the gag, shaking her head wildly in denial of what was happening to her. Ollie watched as the huge cock-head forced it's way into the lutrai's cunni with an almost audible pop. The harkai grinned ferociously, and pushed the squirming lutrai down onto his shaft. Ollie goggled as, before his eyes, he watched Hadra's belly swell with the huge cock inside her. She could only accommodate about half of Schavar's huge organ, but even so, it was incredible, watching as the big male slid her up and down on his schlong. Hadra whimpered almost steadily, tears streaming down her face.
    Ollie was brought back to his own predicament by the feel of sharp little teeth dragging along his sensitive member. The khatrai grinned at him and licked her muzzle, the turned to watch the other two for a bit. She bit her lower lip, and arched, squirming. "Ooh...they do look nice, don't they. She churred, and stood up, turning away from Ollie. Bending at the waist, she thrust her rump into Ollie's face, her long, lush tail in the air. Her sex was wet and pink, the lips swollen with excitement, the velvet-furred mound and the tight little entrance under her tail framed by leather straps. This close, the smell of leather, and her arousal were almost over-powering. The khatrai gave a little mewl of frustration, and practically sat on Ollie's muzzle. Rather than let her drown him, he started licking, driving his tongue into her sex. The khatrai churped and growled in pleasure, wriggling back against his tongue, the mound of her sex and the curves of the cheeks rubbing around the end of his muzzle. Occasionally, his tongue encountered her fingers, as she played with herself.
    "Oh yeah...that's it...give it to her Schavar...gods...look at that..."
    The khatrai's wriggling was getting almost frantic, her juices dripping down Ollie's chin. Fingers pushed his muzzle away from the khatrai's dripping snatch, and she shoved her hips back, burying his nose under her tail "Lick...ohhh...gods...lick there!"
    Ollie made a noise of disgusted protest, but went instantly silent as sharp claws batted at his cock "Lick or I rip this thing off!" The ring of muscle under the khatrai's tail gave way to Ollie's tongue with surprising ease. Thankfully, she was clean, the only thing odd being her slightly musky-sweet taste. She almost yowled, her legs and buttocks quivering as he slid his tongue into her. He could feel her frantically playing with herself, skin tugging against his chin as she played with her labia and clit "Oh gods...yessss...perfect...gods, you're good at that..." her tail lashed between his ears, muscle rippling around his tongue. Suddenly, the khatrai yanked away from him with a screech, tumbling into a pile on the floor. Ollie, startled, was left there panting. The khatrai lay writhing on the floor, leaving Ollie an unobstructed view of Hadra and Schavar. The harkai was sliding the lutrai up and down on his cock almost roughly, her belly bulging and slackening as his cock slid in and out, accompanied by the most amazing wet sucking sounds. Hadra was moaning, her heavy tits bouncing and jiggling in counterpoint to the strokes. It was pretty obvious the harkai was getting close, his eye closed, tongue lolling out the side of his muzzle. The khatrai, slid up onto her hands and knees, and rub her rump against Ollie's cock, the silky fur of her tail rubbing along his shaft, sending an almost electric jolt up his spine.
    "Schavar ... hrrrrr ... hold on ... almost ready." the khatrai hissed. The harkai stopped his thrusting, his powerful huge arms trembling. Ollie watched as the khatrai reached back between her legs as seized the tip of his cock, rubbing it against the lips of her cunt. Slowly, she shoved herself back onto Ollie's cock, taking it deep inside her, powerful, satin muscle rippling around his shaft. She knelt up, rubbing back against him, sliding her paws back to cup his ass, claws prickling as she pushed herself back onto his cock, thrusting slowly. The khatrai leaned her head back against his shoulder, panting, giving him a good view of her heaving breasts, as well as Schavar and Hadra. "Now, Schavar. Start now. And remember what I told you."
    Ollie was a little surprised when the order to start resulted in the huge harkai pulling out of Hadra with a slick-wet pop, harkai precum drooling out of the lutrai's stretched cunt, puddling on the floor. The harkai shifted just slightly, and pushed down. Hadra never saw it coming. Her first intimation was the feeling of the harkai's massive blunt cock forcing her ass open. Her high, frantic scream only spurred the monster on, plunging his cock deep into her unwilling body. Her belly swelled with the cock deep inside her, the harkai making no attempt to be gentle, driving his shaft deeper than he had into her cunt. Ollie shuddered, lost between horror and ecstasy as the khatrai pumped her hips, rubbing her plush ass against his belly, her cunt milking his cock. It was obvious he was just as close as the harkai, and that the khatrai was holding him on the edge.
    The monstrous harkai hunched over Hadra, humping into her powerfully, huge muscles coiling as he approached his climax. And then, for the first time, the harkai spoke "N-now, mistress!"
    The khatrai shuddered, and her sex clenched around Ollie's cock. In the instant before Ollie blew his wad into her, she hissed "Do it!".

        A lot of things happened at the same time: Ollie, with a deep groan, exploded deep inside the khatrai's body, white-hot cum gushing into her belly in a flood. Schavar thrust into Hadra to the hilt, which was physically impossible, and the harkai leaned down his head, and crushed Hadra's throat in his jaws. Hadra spasmed violently, and the harkai groaned thunderously, Hadra's belly swelling in an impossible fashion, filling with the harkai's thick jizm. Pink-tinged cum ran down the harkai's huge shaft as he humped frantically, thrusting into the lutrai with shuddered and spasmed for a couple of moments, then went limp. The khatrai wriggled and shuddered, then pulled away, heedless of the still cumming lutrai, Ollie's spunk splattering over her ass and tail. She trotted liquidly over to the harkai, who was pulling the ruined lutrai off his cock, and dropping her to the floor. An incredibly gush of pinkish-white cum poured all over the floor. The khatrai cooed, and stroked the harkai, who looked rather woozy, with that slightly stupid dazed expression of the post-orgasmic.
    " see .. I told you they tighten up when you do that!" she crooned and stroked the huge, still-drooling cock "My pretty baby...I promised you it would be fun!" she pulled the harkai down into a long, passionate kiss "C'mon...we'll get you cleaned up, my sweet." She looked at Ollie, her animal-mad eyes gleaming "And then, we'll finish up here."
    Ollie, mercifully, passed out.

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