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Doodlings, silliness and smut, by me, and others.

     The following pages are dedicated to Art (yeah, the stuff you came here looking for!). The Personal Gallery contains a selection of some of what I consider to be my best works. The rest, of varying degress of quality, can be found linked to in the Archives section. The Rogue's Gallery consists of art (usually far better than mine) of my characters, as rendered by other people.
    There are two things to keep in mind; Some, though not all, of the art contained in these pages and directories is of an adult or erotic nature. If you're easily offended by such things or prohibited from viewing this kind of material due to your age, nationality, locality, faith or religion, it's respectfully requested that you do not continue on. Neither I, nor the creators who's works are depicted on these pages, can be held responsible for any distress or damages of any kind incurred by viewing the works on these pages.
     The second item is that I must implore viewers to respect the copyrights of myself, and the other creators who's works grace this site. Please do not copy images or characters from this site for the purpose of modification and/or re-distribution. The works displayed here are posted out of a desire to share a vision with everyone else. Tampering with that vision or ignoring the wishes of the creators is the height of disrespect and thoughtlessness. If you want to share something you found here with someone else, please give them the URL of the site; they might find more they like than just the one image you wanted to share with them.

The Personal Gallery

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