The Rant Page
The mad babblings of an occasionally irate, often irrascible old wolf...


This page links other pages that pertain to events and subjects I find humorous and interesting, and to my occasional public loss of temper. Some of the content is rather dated (the events having taken place years ago), however, they're still amusing and telling in certain ways, so I've opted to leave them up here. Readers should be warned that they sometimes contain crude language, painfully bad grammar, and the unkind and malicious treatment of people who, in all liklihood, deserved it.

The "Art Thieves" Incident: These pages relate to a volley of correspondence that went back and forth during the late winter and early spring of 1998/99. Someone e-mailed me regarding art that had been posted on one of the alt.binaries furry newsgroups, knowing that I was (and still am) interested in policing copyright violations against furry artists on the internet. When I went to investigate, I found a lot of images that had been modified (colored) and re-posted to the internet, including my own. I took the time to post to the usenet group, warning people about not doing this sort of things. What follows is the pages I created relating the whole sordid incident to the world. The campaign was suprisingly successful, at least in bothering and mocking the person(s) involved.

Travelogue: A somewhat rambling and basically pointless travelogue of a recent trip up to my hometown up in Canada. I'm not really sure why I did this, other than to put in words something of where I come from and what it's like to go there.

Wolf's Do's and Don't For Beginning Furry Artists: Helpful hints and advice for the new and artistically inclined. Fire-resistant suit and asbestos gloves recommended!

Ich Bien Ein Furry!: A little dissertation on Furry-bashing and being furry.


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